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Why choose Smiths Garage for electric and hybrid vehicle repairs?

You’ve made the decision to buy an electric or hybrid car and now you need to find a reputable garage with technicians qualified to work on these vehicles.

Smiths Garage is just that garage – we have a technician qualified up to IMI level 3 (the IMI – Institute of Motor Industry – is the leading UK provider of automotive training and qualifications), and very soon to be level 4 qualified, which is the highest level that there is.

As well as a technician with all the relevant qualifications, we’ve equipped our workshop with EV-specific machinery and rubber-tipped tools to ensure that we can work safely and efficiently whether we’re doing electrical or mechanical repairs or repairs to the high-voltage system.

What does a typical EV service include?

Your electric car has fewer moving parts than a standard fuel car so happily, there’s less opportunity for things to go wrong. However, it will still need regular servicing to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

The electric motors and batteries don’t need much maintenance but there are other components that do such as:

  • Brakes – they don’t wear out quickly but still need inspecting regularly
  • Tyres – carry a heavier load than standard fuel vehicles so the tyre tread needs regular checking to keep within safe and legal limits
  • Suspension – again, because your electric car is heavy, suspension components can wear out so those will always be checked during a service

The specifics of your EV service will depend very much on the manufacturer’s servicing specifications. At Smiths Garage all our EV servicing adheres to those specifications and we only use OE-quality parts so your car’s warranty will remain totally unaffected.

How often will my EV need servicing?

This varies a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer with some recommending 18,000 mile intervals between services – a lot less servicing than a standard fuel vehicle! However, the safest option is to check your vehicle’s handbook or get in touch with the team at Smiths Garage. We can advise you when your next service is due to make sure that you keep up with the requirements of your manufacturer warranty.

And remember that there’s no need to go back to the dealership for in-warranty servicing – we can do that for you here at Smiths Garage. We’ll service your EV according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, use OE parts and lubricants and ensure that all the documentation is correct. We provide all the benefits of a dealership service but without the hefty price tag.

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Smiths Garage is proud to be part of the GroupAuto network of quality independent garages. It’s an invitation-only network so customers can be confident that GroupAuto garages are reputable businesses that can be trusted to provide quality work, excellent customer care and fair pricing. We are also affiliated with 1link, the industry-leading network of garages that supply fleet maintenance services.

To find out more about Hybrid & EV Repairs & Servicing in Henley-on-Thames, contact us online or call us directly on 01491 628386

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